About 128 Brands Creative Beverage Concepts

128 Brands is a Dutch beverage branding company specialized in:

-          Developing Alcohol and non alcohol beverage concepts

-          Lifestyle branding concepts

-          Product marketing & management


The entrepreneurs of 128 Brands are successful in the entertainment and beverage marketing and ingredients industries. Each member is a hard working creative soul and a winner in his own speciality. Product management, Marketing, off- and online promotion, beverage design, taste development... you name it, team 128 has got the ingredients!

128 collaborates with artists, labels, artist managements, beverage producers, distributors, bars, clubs, events.. just everywhere alcohol or non-alcohol beverages are sold. 

128 inspires cooperation by creating successful partnerships between top sales & distribution, product development and brand implementation teams. Once the product enters the marketplace, 128 (co-) manages the performance of the beverage product.

128 has an innovative view on Beverage marketing and promotion strategies. Combining their strong global network and major experiences, 128 really makes the difference on forhand. 


Pls do not hesitate to contact team 128!