128 provides three basic products: Beverage Development, Beverage Endorsement and Beverage Concepts

Beverage Development

128 Brands develops custom made non alcohol and alcohol Beverages for it's clients. Depending on the concept and the briefing, 128 expresses all creative specialties en expertise in a complete ultra premium Beverage.

Check out the above beverage OH Deep Water 'sparkling'. Taste & design by 128 Brands inspired by Oliver Heldens.


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Beverage endorsement

128 Brands has a huge network in the entertainment and beverage industry. 
Connecting artists with beverage brands and the other way around with the purpose to endorse is one of the special products.

128 not only connects parties or not only finds your brand ambassador, but delivers a suitable music & lifestyle promotion plan.

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Beverage concepts

128 Brands creates custom made Beverage concepts for your company or brand. The 128 concepts includes: Lifestyle branding concepts, cross product branding concepts, partnerships concepts, off- en online promotion and marketing concepts.


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If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask 128 team